Kid Cudi x Nigo

Want It Bad

Directed by

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When Cudi wants to throw a party, you throw a party… Add in driving through Paris with two superstars in a one of a kind Porsche and that sums up this video for Cudi’s ‘Want It Bad’. A continuation of our collaboration with Universal Music & Victor Victor, this video represented the first off of Nigo’s first album in two decades, ‘I Know Nigo!’ and a once in a lifetime collab with the very talented Kid Cudi.
Head of A&R: Steven Victor
Talent: Kid Cudi + Nigo
Director: Harrison Boyce
Executive Producer: Shelby Ross
Produced By: Group Thrpy
Executive Producer (Paris): Alix / Miles Films
Line Producer (Paris): Tristan Tansu
Production Designer (Paris): Thibault Munoz
Movement Director: Kevin Bago
1st AC (Paris): Diallo Mangua
Styling (Paris): Elena Mottola // Bryant Artists
Hair (Paris): Anne-Sophie Begtrup
Groomer (Paris): Fanny Maurer // Artlist Paris New York
Makeup (Paris): Chloe Demoussis
Sound Engineer (Paris): Olivier Laporte

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