Originally from Madrid, Spain, Raquel began her journey in film through journalism. She travelled to Egypt during the revolution to capture their story, and developed a taste for finding expressive ways of seeing human emotion through the lens. She won an Emmy for a TV series that followed individuals as they retraced their past, and has travelled all across the globe working with people from all backgrounds. After moving to NY Raquel joined Nas’ company, Mass Appeal, where she was exposed to music and pop culture that would transform her work into a more artistic story driven aesthetic. She has worked for brands such as Google, Adidas, NFL, Jordan and others.


The mission is always the same, to find creative ways of telling people’s individual stories, and doing so in a new, creative way. She has a special ability to make her subjects feel comfortable and heard. Raquel is all about authenticity, empowering women, addressing uncomfortable subjects and creating art. She lives with her husband and two sons in Brooklyn, New York.