Award winning director, editor and photographer Mischa Meyer is driven by his deep love for cinema formed at an early age. His talent is fueled by curiosity and passion for exploring new territories. Raised in Germany, film served as siblings and father figures and a way to see the world in a different light. This has propelled him to develop challenging projects in both film and photography, using his passion for immersing himself in the unknown. 

Mischa has earned multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze Clios for the film ‘Love Says’ for Grammy-nominated poet Sekou Andrews. In 2018, Mischa wrote, produced and directed his first short ‘Ant’ capturing the attention of multiple Academy Award qualifying film festivals – winning a few – including a Silver Cannes Young Director Award. His most recent directorial work includes films for Mercedes Benz G-Class and Academy Award winning actor Sean Penn’s non-profit organization CORE.