Nina Lee

Nina Lee is an award winning Director, a Writer, and has at times even found herself in front of the camera.  An Atlanta native, she attended Spelman College where she studied film and crafted the school’s first student film festival. From an early start, she has gone on to make a name for herself in… Continue reading Nina Lee

Raquel Marvez

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Raquel began her journey in film through journalism. She travelled to Egypt during the revolution to capture their story, and developed a taste for finding expressive ways of seeing human emotion through the lens. She won an Emmy for a TV series that followed individuals as they retraced their past, and… Continue reading Raquel Marvez

Tari Wariebi

Tari Wariebi is a graduate of Syracuse University where he was a McNair Scholar and found his passion for filmmaking. Since university, Tari’s work as a Director, Writer, and Producer has been tremendously performative on various media platforms, such as VEVO, Vice and Vogue. Additional writing and directing credits include TV One, BET Centric, and… Continue reading Tari Wariebi